Wouter Witvoet and Olivier Roussy Newton start EV Technology Group to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicle technology

EV Technology Group Inc. (“EVT”) has announced serial entrepreneurs Wouter Witvoet and Olivier Roussy Newton will compose its management team with Wouter Witvoet joining as CEO and Olivier Roussy Newton as its president.

EVT was founded to further the development of electric vehicle technology, specifically as it relates to accelerating the time to market and ensuring correct product-market fit.

One of the more promising areas for electric vehicle technology adoption is in the Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) space. There are a plethora of vehicles that serve a particular purpose and can be electrified without the complexities that long-range everyday vehicles require. There is a particularly interesting business case to electrify holiday home vehicles, airport transport and logistics, municipal and council vehicles such as garbage trucks, and many other types of vehicles along those lines.

“I am extremely excited to be partnering with Olivier in this new venture. I see a real opportunity to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles as there are so many use cases where electric technology can take over diesel, gas or petrol engines and thus reduce carbon emissions, noise, fumes and all the disadvantages that engines dependent on burning fossil fuels bring.”

“The world is changing and creating EVT is our vehicle to accelerate that change. We have developed our initial compromisation of portfolio assets and I am delighted to be working with Wouter once again to change gears on a new disruptive sector that is of core importance to the future of a clean world.”

About EV Technology Group

EVT was created to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. EVT has a strategic focus on EV technologies that have growth potential by targeting unique, niche and underserved markets.

For more information, please visit: http://evtgroup.com