Our Sustainability Platform

"We believe car lovers will only convert to electric vehicles when they promise the character, unique style and visceral driving pleasure historically delivered by iconic classic car brands. In this sense, as an EV pioneer, EV Technology Group has sustainability at its very core."
– Wouter Witovet, Founder and CEO | EV Technology Group​


EVs have been shown to be significantly more sustainable to make and drive than internal combustion engine (‘ICE’) vehicles*. EV Technology Group’s strategy of converting iconic ICE brands onto EV platforms, and thereby converting petrolheads to the wonders of electric vehicles, is the single most important ESG benefit of our business model. ​


Through its investment in iconic brands and local manufacturing, EV Technology Group will sustain communities and the skills and expertise that will help them thrive into the future.  ​

We are absolutely committed to diversity and inclusion in all areas of the group. 


At EV Technology Group we want to build 
a company that is known for its ethical, transparent behaviour; a company whose word can be trusted.
EV Technology Group adheres to all reporting standards required by the exchanges on which it is listed.


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